Johanna Fish (1st Year SoCoBio DTP)

Johanna has returned to the Baud group after completing her MChem at the University of Southampton, as a student on the SoCoBio DTP. Her passion for chemical biology originated in her third-year project, synthesising novel fluorinated motifs in collaboration with Robert (Troup). She went on to complete projects in total synthesis of a marine antibiotic, korormicin (Dr Sperry, University of Auckland) and development of DNA nanopores in cancer immunology (Dr Lim and Stulz) in her final year.
Her PhD research focusses on optimising the physico-chemical properties of PROTACs. This research couples biophysical screening techniques to develop a library of suitable compounds with more biological approaches. This work is in joint supervision with Professor Bruno Linclau and Professor Georgios Giamas (University of Sussex).