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Dr. Maeva Pichon (PDRA)

Dr. Maëva Pichon completed her engineering degree and MSc (Organic and supramolecular chemistry) from the french European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials (ECPM) in Strasbourg. She obtained her PhD from the University of Strasbourg in the group of Pr. P. Compain in 2018. Her PhD research area was about the design of imino sugar clusters for the treatment of rare genetic diseases (mainly cystic fibrosis) and as probes to study multivalent inhibitor-glycosidase interactions. She then started, in July 2019, as postdoctoral research fellow in chemical biology in the group of Dr M. Baud. Her project is about the synthesis of new reagents for post-translational modifications of proteins with a focus on cysteine sulfinic acid and its influence on protein properties and interactions.

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