Previous Group Members

Masters by Research Project 

Jason Powell (2019-2020)
Optimisation of indazole derivatives to stabilise the mutant p53-Y220C and restore wild-type function. 
Current position: Scientist at Aptuit Ltd. 

Sam Alstrum-Graves (2018-2019) 
Synthesis of sulfonyl pyrimidine derivatives and an investigation into their interactions with surface cysteine molecules. Current position: Chromatography Technical Specialist at Avantor. 

Taught Masters Project 


Tuncay Balkaya (2019-2020)

Fourth Year Research Project

Ryan McIntyre  (2020-2021)
Oliver Brown (2019-2020)
Megan Jones
Dominique Spicer (2018-2019)
Bradley Dickman  (2018-2019)
Amelia Pullinger (2017-2018)
Phoebe Nash 


Third Year Research Project

Danielle Holmes (2020-2021)
Marcin Mierzwa (2019-2020)
Johanna Fish (2018-2019)
Isabel Beech (2017-2018)
Rory Mulgrew

Doctoral Training Programme Rotation 

Johanna Fish (2020-2021)