Steve John (3rd Year PhD)

Steve John is a Postgraduate Research Student in Biochemistry with the department of Chemistry.

Steve graduated in 2018 with a First Class Honours (BSc) in Biomedical Sciences, with his 3rd year project focusing on Molecular biology and cell signaling in the inhibition and activity of ABC transporters with small molecules.

He is currently pursuing a PhD and his project involves exploring and characterizing the effect of small molecules on Wnt signaling, particularly the oncogenic transcription factor B-catenin, within a cellular context. He is supervised by Dr.Matthias Baud/Dr. Rob Ewing/Dr. Paul Skipp/Prof. Graham Packham.

Dr. Matthias Baud 

Department of Chemistry and Institute for Life Sciences
University of Southampton
Highfield, Southampton, England, SO17 1BJ

+44 (0) 2380594081 (Internal: 24081)

Office: Building 30, room 4027

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